Tell us a little bit about yourself

Muhammad Hidayat (b. 1982) lives in Aceh, Indonesia where he works as a finance section staff for a government sector. He began to pursue photography seriously in 2015 and is currently focused on fine art and expressionistic photography. His photographs are very personal… lifting the story from his life experiences. For him, photography is not just pressing the shutter button, but a means for pouring out one’s feelings and imagination as well.

How and when did you get into photography?

I can say I’m one of those people who just got acquainted and serious in photography. In 2015 I started serious with photography and was very interested in photography Black white expressionism and fine art photography.

What drives you to take pictures?

For me photography is a treasure and the most beautiful thing I have today. Photography is a place or medium where I can express life and vent my feelings, emotions and thoughts just in photography. I can see the world where my childhood is and I can imagine things that have not happened in me yet and I can feel the future and dream about life through photography. Photography changed not only my way of thinking but photography changed the way I felt something and brought me back to remember everything that happened in my life very clearly and clearly.
Black and white are characters from my photos. I do not really get too emotionally in color. But black and white photography is a life for me so I really love black and white photography.
For me, photography is not just pressing the shutter button, but a means for pouring out one’s feelings and imagination as well.

Which photographic style do you feel yourself more confident with, if any?

I think that working on personal project photography is very interesting. and street photography is a challenge, because you have to feel the state and reality of society, especially in my country Indonesia

Who are some of you favourite photographers past or present?

I have to admit that there are some names of photographers that I admire so much, they are Antoine d’Agata, Jacob Aue Sobol and some of the photographers I admire so much about their works, and I also have to admit photographers from my own country like Chris Tuarissa, Aji Susuanto Anom and some photographer friends from Bandung.Indonesia

What camera, lenses and other equipment are you currently using?

I’m Using Sony a6000 with 16-50mm, RICOH GRD III and sometime i used my analog camera Pentax spotmatic SP and Olympus stylus

Tell us about the project or the portfolio you are submitting.

Some of the photos I send are one of the personal power projects in photography. I’ve said that telling about personal in photography is like bringing me back in childhood and emotional outlet when documenting every photo.

Slave OF Lust: The collections of this photo series just like a visual poison against freedom, parties, alcohol drinks and feelings for having sex. This Series are also a reflection from the atmosphere of my fantasy towards the desire which is strong to my couple. But sometimes stuck in the real scene is a poison in feeling. The several of these photo series was taken from a location where in the place sex can be traded. It can be said that if you have money and then you can choose and pay the female prostitutes whom are you like. How strong a desire to have sex with those girls is like a poison without the antidote. Freedom, independence, smile, joke and alcohol drinks are always accompany in a party.

Have you been involved in a forbidden relationship? Or probably you really know that the relationship which is running is wrong. But I can say that the power of passion, desire, and love like a blaze which keeps on fire and it is difficult to be quenched. And I am sure that each love is not born from our own heart, but it is a prize. Whatever it is an examination or a fate.

All images by Muhammad Hidayat, used with permission.


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