Martin Kollar is a Slovak photographer and cinematographer, born on November 1971 in Žilina. He studied cinematography in the Film and Television faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

Kollar become famous with his photos of everyday life in Slovakia, published in newspapers and magazines worldwide. in 1999, he won the “Les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes” (the European nurseries for young artists) and in 2001 the “Annual Country Report” and the “FujiFilm Euro Press Photo Awards”. In 2003 he joined Agence VU and kept working with them for the next 10 years.

His first important photographic series was “Television Anchors”, where the author depicts television news reporters in incongruous and hilarious situations. In 2000, Martin Kollar started working on his series “Nothing special”, a documentary photography work with the aim to document the  environment of the countries that had been part of the Warsaw block.

In 2006 Kollar moved to Tel Aviv to participate in the Frédéric Brenner’s project “This Place“. He was expected to spend six months in Israel for this project but he ended up to live there for much more time. The work culminated in the publication of a book with no captions or any explanation for the images included in it. Alec Soth said about the work: “Every image in this Slovakian photographer’s depiction of Israel is a photograph of unintelligible secrets”.

In 2013, Martin Kollar was invited to partecipate to the series “European Eyes on Japan: Japan Today”, where photographers document the Japanese customs and traditions prefecture by prefecture. Kollar was committed to document the Chiba prefecture woth photographer Olivier Metzger. After a month spent in Japan during 2013 spring, the resulting work was exhibited in France as part of the Marseille – Provence 2013 art events and afterwards published in a book.

In 2014, Kollar was awarded with the “Leica Oskar Barnack Award and two years he won later the “Prix Élysée”.

Martin Kollar’s most popular publications

  • (2001) Slovensko 001: Obrazová správa o stave krajiny (Slovakia 001: A Pictorial Report on the State of the Country);
  • (2007) Nothing Special;
  • (2011) Cahier;
  • (2013) Field Trip;
  • (2015) Martin Kollar: Catalogue;
  • (2016) Provisional Arrangement;

All the pictures in this page are by Martin Kollar. All rights reserved to the author.


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