Katerina Shamilova is a photographer from Bashkortostan, Russia. She shot in both colour and Black and White, and her pictures have a particular dark and suggestive mood. In this interview Katerina explains her artistic view of the word and why she loves to (mainly) take pictures of her daughter.


Hi Katerina, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Katerina Shamilova, I am a Russian photographer from Bashkortostan, but I currently live in Moscow.

How and when did you get into photography?

I started to get involved in photography working as a model for artistic shooting, but soon I felt the need to stay on the other side of the camera.

What drives you to take pictures?

I mostly takes pictures of my little daughter. She is now 8 years old and she is a source of inspiration for me. I consider this a sort of visual diary to document the relation between her and me. Also, in recent times, I’m working on a project of shooting nude nature in the forest. I want to weave bodies with roots, trunks and branches of trees, to represent their beauty as part of the nature. I believe that art is an inseparable part of a person’s life and his desire to know the world. I think I am in an eternal search for beauty and truth and photography gives me the opportunity to express this search.

Which photographic style do you feel yourself more confident with, if any?

I believe that visual art is closely connected with what we experience and feel. Maybe that’s why my photos vary in mood, colour and even style: I saw things in a way at some point in life, and now my vision is different. But my pictures are always melancholic, restrained, and calm, with dark colors and smooth lines.

Who are some of you favourite photographers past or present?

I am interested in those photographers whom recognition and work go beyond generally accepted criteria. For instance, the elusive reality in the works of Sarah Moon, impressionist photographer who uses special lenses and soft light to achieve vagueness and restraint. Her work is both cold and sensual. Sally Mann is another photographer I truly admire. Her documentary photos are so close to life. She takes pictures of her children, house, and everything that surrounds and excites her, and her work is genuinely touching by its rightness and boldness.

What camera, lenses and other equipment are you currently using?

I use Canon 6d camera with 28mm and 50mm.

Tell us about the portfolio you are submitting.

I think that in this collection of photos I put my inner world, my flow, strength and tenderness. I hope the viewer will see in them the smoothness of the lines, the harmony of color and light, and experience deep inner sensations, as I do. Thus I invite to contemplation, to visual pleasure.


All the pictures in this page are by Katerina Shamilova, used with permission. All rights reserved to the author.

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