Gregory Herpe was born in Paris on the 25th of February 1969. He is a French photographer, an author, a playwright and a director. He works for the press agency Sopa Images in Hong Kong and the Polaris Images in New York.

Gregory Herpe travelled across several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa for his documentary photo projects. He has taken pictures of girls that were rescued from child prostitution in Cambodia, IRA soldiers in Belfast, Perpignan gypsies and endangered animals in Africa.

Herpe is also a journalist for several magazines in Paris and he was an editor at NRJ, Fun Radio & TV where he interviewed various rock and film stars. Along with his documentary photography works, he is also famous for the celebrities pictures he has taken over the years: Gerard Depardieu, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Omar Sharif, Jack Nicholson, Nina Hagen, Beyonce and many more. His pictures have been published and exhibited in France, USA, Russia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Thailand, Switzerland, Monaco and many other countries.

Herpe has also directed many plays, he works as an artistic director for a film production studio, he published several literary works in France and Canada and also works for several communication and advertising agencies.

In 2015, Gregory Herpe won the Price of the Best Press Photo (Press Club LR), in Montpellier, France, and the Primer at the Genoa International Contemporary Art Biennale, Photography category in Genoa, Italy. A year later, he also won two awards: the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), People-Culture category, Honorable Mention in Moscow, Russia and the Price (three times) at the IPA (International Photography Awards) in the categories Social Cause, Children and Portraits (Honorable Mention) in New York, USA. In 2017, Herpe won the Medaille d’Or of the XVIIIth International Salon of Barcelona, Spain.

All the pictures in this page are by Grégory Herpe. All rights reserved to the author.



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