You started your adventure with photography a few time ago, you learned the principles on exposure, focusing and composition, and now you want to take the next step. You’ll probably start looking for some article on the internet on suggestion on how to improve the quality of your shots.

We have made the dirty work for you, looking for in the internet for useful suggestions. We selected some of the most valid tips from established photographers in various genres. Links to original articles are provided as well to give you a complete overview about the authors and their work.


Chuck Jines

We interviewed Chuck Jines a few weeks ago and he shared with us his thoughts about photography and photojournalism. In this article on his blog, the Chicago based photographer explains which are the 5 requirements to be a good photographer:

  1. You have to have some natural talent to work with
  2. You must become a master of composition
  3. You must master light
  4. You must have the right camera gear, and you must know how to use it
  5. You must use compelling subject matter

Kite Calvo

In this article from the National Geographic Blog, photographer Kite Calvo illustrate his vision on which aspects a good photographer needs to curate. Here’s his personal list:

  1. Training
  2. The Team
  3. Research
  4. Experiment
  5. show the world our work
  6. Contests
  7. Socialize
  8. Specialization
  9. Invest Strive

Laurene Lim

Photography Concentrate editor Laurene Lim has a few practical suggestions on how to improve your photography, starting from the very next day. Have a look to this article and try to apply some of the tips suggested here:

  1. Shoot at Golden Hour
  2. Use the Four Corner Composition Trick
  3. Shoot a roll of Film
  4. Teach Someone else Photography
  5. Read the Manual
  6. Watch a Documentary
  7. Create Restrictions
  8. Learn a new Technique
  9. Stand in front of Interesting Stuff
  10. Look at your Old Photos

Eric Kim

Controversial Street Photographer Eric Kim can be considered one of the masters in his genre. His suggestions are of course targeted to people interested in street photography, but can be easily applied to every photographic style:

  1. Self-Mastery in Street Photography
  2. Learn from the masters of Street Photography
  3. Share your insight about Street Photography
  4. Seek negative Feedback
  5. Disconnect your Ego from your Street Photos
  6. Let it Marinate
  7. Street Photography is a Marathon
  8. Study Yourself
  9. Follow your own Style in Street Photography
  10. Consistency and Variety in Street Photography
  11. Never be Satisfied
  12. Seek Steady Improvement
  13. Eliminate your fears in Street Photography
  14. Create your own Definition of Street Photography
  15. Life is a work-in-progress
  16. Be the best Street Photographer you can Today

Russ Burner

Landscape and Nature photographer Russ Burner, also Outdoor Photographer editor, shares in this article his tips on how to improve the quality of your shots. They are not really related to a specific photographic style, rather they are more focused on how to get the best from your camera:

  1. Get out and Shoot
  2. Try
  3. Practice
  4. Commit
  5. Learn
  6. Look
  7. read
  8. Branch Out
  9. Share
  10. read the Manual

Ted Forbes

From his youtube channel The Art of Photography, Ted Forbes shares the one I think is the most important tip, if you really want to take your photography to the next level, no matter what you photographic style is. Have a look to this video and hear it from Ted’s words:


What are your suggestions on how to be a great photographer? Use the comment form below to let me know your tips!



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