Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Ade Andryani (b. 1993) lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have graduated as a pharmacy degree and now works  at one of the hospital in Jakarta. Interested to observe all things around me, especially about street photography.

How and when did you get into photography?

I’m began interested in photography in 2012 and capture those moments with my smartphone camera, but I’m started seriously pursue at photography in 2015.

What drives you to take pictures?

In photography I can captures the moments that happen around me. In the same place at different times, we can find new things everyday, so capturing them is the best way to remember it in the future. Photography can also express what I am feeling even sad or happy and tell the stories to others.

Which photographic style do you feel yourself more confident with, if any?

Street photography and documentary is always challenging, but sometimes I take personal project to express what I feeling.

Who are some of you fav photographers past or present?

I am inspired by Alex Webb, Martin Parr, Vivian Maier and by many more Magnum and In-Public photographers. I’m also inspired by my friends in Jakarta and Bandung too, because them always encourage me to keep learning and capturing.

What camera, lens and equipment are you currently using?

I’m using Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm and smartphone camera Samsung A5.

Tell us about the project or the portfolio you are submitting

This project is a series of photos I took in the Luar Batang area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. The area is usually called the Kampung Aquarium, catch my first attention when I came to this place. Last year this area was affected by eviction (April 2016), and right now occupied again by some residents by building emergency tents, semi-permanent houses, public toilets, to houses of worship such as mosques. The buildings look increasingly chaotic because it was erected on the ruins of buildings that had previously been flattened to the ground, and some even set up on the sea with a wooden board.

Although only the triplex roof boards are vulnerable to leak, even collapsed when the rain comes, plus difficulty of getting clean water, they continue to struggle every day to survive. Seen citizens activity still running as usual and the children were playing with cheerful.

Even though, I still hope they get helps and attention especially from the government, so they will get a better life.


All images by Ade Andryani, used with permission.

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